The Edges of Consulting Philosophy

This one goes out to my fellow org theory nerds: my masters thesis on organizational culture change consultation. Far from a how-to or key variables sort of framework, this one’s for you if you’re:

A) exceptionally curious
B) an exceptionally reflective or philosophical consultant

Link here.

Abstract below. The TLDR version will come soon in a blog post. :)


This paper explores the philosophical assumptions and practical implications of three approaches to organizational culture change consulting, drawing on Bushe & Marshak’s (2009) theory of diagnostic and dialogic approaches to organization development (OD), with the addition of an emerging “blended” approach to OD. A critical realist variant of grounded theory is used to analyze interviews with nine senior consultants which self-identified as either diagnostic, dialogic or blended in their approach to organizational culture change. Participant responses further support the existence of a distinct blended approach, and illuminate significant practical and philosophical differences between all three approaches, suggesting implications for the practice, purchase, and education of OD field work generally and organizational culture change specifically.

Corey MorrowComment