Leadership Coaching:
Your goals and your challenges. Plus clarity, efficacy, and grace.

Working with Corey on some professional development goals helped me uncover concrete, actionable strategies which I have used to become a more effective leader in and out of the workplace. He met me where I was comfortable and provided dedicated attention and guidance through the murky waters when necessary. I feel more productive, more self-aware, and am having a bigger impact in my professional relationships.
Working with Corey was outstanding. On our hour long calls I found myself able to access my own power and align my life and my business to my wants and needs. It was as if Corey was helping me access a deep well of problem solving ability that I didn’t know I had. I came away from them feeling clearer, stronger and like I had the capacity to create the life that I wanted for myself.

Sliding scale rates exist for non-corporate coaching clients.
Exploratory meetings are free.